Life Update

Some of it's been wild, and most of it's been fun but here's how i'm doing!


Winter Tag!

So, I've been tagged by the lovely Clodagh  to do the winter tag. Be sure to check her out!    Question 1 What is your Favourite Holiday Tradition? My Favourite thing to do at Christmas is 'Get Santa out' So basically we have a little chimney that has 24 countdowns in it that you pull out and the … Continue reading Winter Tag!

Question Time: Cinnamon Buns And Roses Edition

This weeks Q&A is a little different as I've never actually met the people who we're hearing from! But here's what they look like, just in case you wondered! So without further ado, let's get to the questions! How old are you? Anna: I’m 38. (Anna's lying to you all, it was her birthday and she's 39 now! … Continue reading Question Time: Cinnamon Buns And Roses Edition