Sexism, Feminism, And Equality…

Oh, the joys!

This will be interesting…

Not another feminist rant…

She’s just a feminazi…

The fact it’s called Feminism makes it sexist to start with!

Above are some of the things people will think about this blog post, and honestly I can’t blame you. You don’t have control over what pops in to your head, but you do have control of where it goes from there. So just be mindful of what you post or say about things and people because remember while you’re out there preaching about your opinions someone’s judging you too, and that chain continues, probably to develop in to a whole lotta ugly that no one really has time for.


Some people will disagree with some of the things I write and that’s fine, we’ll agree to disagree.

Anyway, I started this blog post about a month ago after I finished reading ‘What’s A Girl Gotta Do?!’ By Holly Bourne. It’s all about how one of the main characters is sexually harassed on her way to college, (which sadly, for a lot of people is all too familiar.) and the aftermath of doing something about what happened to her. I’m not going to say much more about the book apart from that you should read it. Holly somehow addresses serious flaws in today’s society while still making you laugh out loud, and not just the sudden burst of air coming out of your nostrils when you see a funny meme on Facebook, I mean actually laugh. During my three peaks challenge last month i was reading WAGGD? on the car journey up to Scotland and was being laughed at because I was physically laughing at a book and first of all who even reads these days? and secondly who laughs at a book they’re reading? Um, me, I still read and anyone who reads the spinster series will be laughing out loud too.

So the book really got me thinking about feminism and sexism. It’s always been something I knew of but never really understood, and i think thats because there’s so many opinions and people telling other people their wrong and things that shouldn’t happen being swept under the rug that makes it such a confusing and volatile subject. A lot of the stuff that has been swept under the rug is now coming out and it’s so controversial, but i’m not going to go in  to that.

One thing that i don’t understand is when people make feminism all about girls. It’s not all about girls at all; Men can be feminists too, and they are. For me it’s about equality. Take the Gender pay gap for example, reports that are done are based on everyone at that company, so if you have a female cleaner on say £8 an hour and a male Company manager on £10 an hour, that right there adds to the gender pay gap, but they do different jobs, so thats fair enough, right?

An interesting fact I found was that male staff at Buckingham Palace are paid a mean of 12% more than female staff. Again, this could all be based on what jobs they’re actually doing however, Actress Claire Foy, for her work playing the Queen in Netflix series The Crown, was paid less than her co-star, Matt Smith, who played Prince Philip and to me that’s just not cricket.

Another point about the whole Women are the only victims thing, they’re not. Men are victims too. Did you hear me? MEN ARE VICTIMS TOO! And i’m not even just talking about rape. Sexual Objectification is a massive thing in our society and it happens to both men AND women.

The mens Fifa world cup finished just over a month ago and The England lads did us all proud even though it didn’t come home. As i was scrolling down my facebook I saw a post that in my opinion was sexist. Here is the post.


Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 13.51.27

So you can see here that Mr. Trippier is receiving a thigh massage to stop him cramping up during extra time. And the caption is “Why us ladies really watch football” Well, first of all, this is sexual objectification, yes, in a very mild form but sexual objectification all the same. Can you imagine if a man posted an image of a female footballer having a leg massage with her shorts like Trippiers and captioned it “Why us lads really watch football”?  There’d be hell on, they’d face a backlash of comments about how he’s disgusting and a disgrace and all the rest of it, but you know what? Everyone who commented on this post agreed. Contradiction much?

Well that brings me to my second point. I sure as hell don’t watch the football to see 22 lads looking good. Hell no, I watch it because it’s football. It’s the beautiful game, and I love it. And I love watching the half and full time analysis. especially when Keane had his little paddy and Ian wright took the Mick.

I just really don’t see why we can’t all just accept that some people are better at some things and others are better are other things. Boy or Girl, Man or woman, Lad or Lass, He or she it doesn’t matter. If you’re good at it, you’re good at it. If you like it you like it, if you don’t, you don’t.

I’m a girl, I like football and I don’t like make up.

Somewhere there’s a boy who doesn’t like football and likes make up.

And so what? Who are you to judge and tell people it’s weird or wrong?

While i’ve written this, and it’s my genuine opinion i’m also guilty of Cognitive dissonance (You also learn a lot from Holly’s books!) and honestly I think we all are. So pretty please don’t hate on me.

Holly Bourne’s book is all about doing something to change people’s idea of feminism, and yeah, sometimes the books a bit daft and maybe childish, but it’s a fantastic book and it comes from a special place. If you ever read the book I suggest you read the Authors notes/acknowledgements too. Below is a link to the Spinster club series!

Happy reading! And remember to think before you speak! 🙂





4 thoughts on “Sexism, Feminism, And Equality…

  1. This sounds like such an amazing book and I’m so happy you introduced me to it! It sounds like it made you think so much and thats definitely what I want right now. I have always been a feminist, but right now i feel like I need something to continue pushing me and some feminist literature would be SO fab! I would love to borrow this book from you!!!! And I particularly loved this line “Somewhere there’s a boy who doesn’t like football and likes make up” for some reason. I just love the way you wrote this, Beth!

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  2. Holly Bourne’s book sounds like a fascinating read. I am also of the belief that men can be feminist too. I agree with you – men are objectified on a daily basis too. There are so many ‘manly’ standards that they have to meet. Just like how women have standards we have to meet to be seen as a proper women 😕 I am the same as you. – I like makeup but I hardly wear it. I like watching sports, because it’s fun! I like doing outdoorsy things but I also love fashion. I think it needs to be seen that people can have a wide variety of interests, and don’t have to be limited by what is generally acceptable for their gender. I hope this all makes sense!! Great post ❤️

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