Do You Even CrossFit Though?

I mean, Do you even CrossFit?

What, on Earth is CrossFit? I hear you ask. Well I’ll stay tuned ’cause i’m about to tell you ALL about it and how Entirely WONDERFUL it is!

Okay, Maybe ‘Wonderful’ isn’t the right word to use, but CrossFit, for me anyway, is just Fantastic, and once you’ve tried it i’m sure you’ll agree…Don’t be put off by the fact it’s exercise!

I used to play football more than 6 times a week, and don’t get me wrong I was never the healthiest in the team and i’ve always been sort of a big lass, but since giving up football, the weight has been piling on.

This last year i’ve been trying to lose weight for my trip to the Jamboree in America. The site is going to be super hilly and i’ll be looking at a three mile walk just to get to my workplace. I’ve obviously not tried very hard because i’ve put on over a stone in weight…


Yep, so, Anyway! I’ve started going to CrossFit. And this is currently how it’s going..


I’d never actually heard of CrossFit before a friend of mine dragged me along for a free session and you know what? I hated her for it. Class starts at 6AM which means i’m out of bed at 5:30AM which means i’m not in bed anymore. Which is just unlawful in every way possible. Anyone who knows me knows I am Absolutely in no way, shape or form, a morning person. So 6AM (on a Friday might I add!) was not fun. Nevertheless she picked me up and off we went.

I’m really quite body conscious, which is why i’ve never joined a gym, so the fact that there were only 4 people including me and my two friends was a big help. We did a warmup, then some dead lifts with the weights and then a 36 minute circuit. 6 stations; Prowler/box jump(alternate each round), rower, jumping on and off a weight Ground To OverHead with 10KG, ropes/rope climb(Alternate each round) and Lunges with kettlebell weights.  A minute per station, six times round.


1 Round in and i’m like yep, I can do this, I’ll be fine.

But then I realised there’s another 30 minutes of this. Shit man, It’s going to be so hard. And the only thing that got me through it was the Coaches, Jack And Katy, telling us we could do it, telling us to push harder, go faster and be stronger. That, and the sheer determination to not be the first to drop out or move down to a lower weight. And let me tell you, we all absolutely smashed it, I was knackered after but I did it!

I’ve been to 5 classes so far and I absolutely LOVE IT!

Don’t get me wrong there will be times where I don’t enjoy the session, and there already has been…


but there’s going to be a lot more times where I feel like I’ve improved so much and not only that, it’s a social thing too, classes are fun with people who attend the same class as you regularly, you can joke around, get to know each other and most importantly push each other to do better. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, right? Especially if it’s down to the last rep!


Not only do I Love going to get fit and improve, I also love going because you learn so much about all the exercises and how to do them properly, and with small class sizes it’s like have a personal trainer (or two) that do actually want to see you improve, and seem to enjoy having you just as much as you enjoy being there, which makes it such a great experience, every single session!

Since i’ve started going, i’ve had trouble walking due to the of ‘stress’ i’ve put my body through, (Jack and Katy will be sat reading thinking ‘Stress I’ve put my body through’ what a chuffing exaggeration, get a grip Beth😂’ But I don’t care, it’s been painful to walk after each session!) but honestly, it’s the best kind of pain, and as much as I might complain about it hurting to walk or bend down, i’d chose that kind of pain over anything else any-day!

I know this blog post probably hasn’t sold it to you at all, but honestly it’s the best thing i’ve done in a long time (Starting CrossFit, not the blog). I come to work refreshed and I can feel myself improving, so maybe just give it a shot? After all, you do get one free taster session! Hopefully you’ll get involved.

Here is just a bit of info all about CrossFit and how to Join!

CrossFit was established as an elite fitness regime in the year 2000. CrossFit places aren’t called gyms. They’re called CrossFit Boxes. The reason for this is when it first started people did it in their garages (Not like the english shed type, like the American GARAAAARRRGGEE kind of garage) and they weren’t equipped with state of the art gear and shiny mirrors and nice padded flooring, they were pretty bare and you had to be creative with what you used and how you used it. And typically garages of the American kind are rectangular hence the term Box. And well there’s nothing wrong with sticking to your roots so they’re still called that to this day!


As you can see The CrossFit Box I go to still sticks to The CrossFit core values and has a pretty basic set up, yeah it’s miles better than a garage and there is some decent equipment in there, but it’s not a gym and I Quite like the feel of The Box!

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about CrossFit check out the official CrossFit website here:

Or If you’re interested in finding a CrossFit Box to go and workout at Checkout the Find a Box page here:

I go to the Colne Valley CrossFit Box which is located in Slaithwaite, if you want  a look around you can email:

Or check out their site to see prices and sessions here:

CrossFit Members have access to an app Called Wodify which is where you Book on to classes etc. You can log your weight, height, and track your improvements as you go, it’s really great!

To Book on the Colne Valley CrossFit Classes use this Link:

Below are a couple of images From CVCF’s Instagram page, Check it out

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