Home Alone

I’ve been thrust into the realm of “adulthood” For the next two weeks due to my parents having abandoned me to go on holiday in Torquay.

I’ve been away from home for more than two weeks at a time but I’ve never been home alone without my parents for this long before! So I’m going to do a diary type thing. Who knows, there might even be a plot for Home Alone 5 somewhere in this blog series!

Here goes

Day 1 has been a bit of a crappy day to be honest.

CrossFit this morning was really good and I worked super hard to finish the workout in the time slot we had.

When I got home I helped mum and dad get their final stuff sorted and tried to have a shower.

I say tried because I wasn’t successful.. the boiler is broken. Having tried and failed to wash properly in the sink I went to work smelling like sweat and it felt disgusting.

At work, my nose hasn’t stopped running, I’ve sneezed about 100 times and my manager has had me lugging winter coats up the long ass flight of stairs. UGH 😑

After work I went home grabbed a towel, my camping chair, a bowl, some utensils and my down jacket and off I went to Katie’s for a shower before going to an explorers meeting so I’d get fed for the night!

I’ve figured that if I can get as many people as possible to cook for me I won’t have to cook myself! So if anyone will have me over for tea that would be great! (I’ll do the washing up, and I’m not a fussy eater)

I’ve still got a mighty cold that I might go as far as to say could be man flu, and I’m hating life right now because of it.

Maybe it is a good idea that my parents have gone off for a couple of weeks though; my dad asked me why I was so emotional yesterday and I rather loudly informed him

“My boobs hurt and I am BLEEDING FROM THE VAGINA so I apologise but yes I am emotional”

Accurate meme of my dads response below:

All mum could do was laugh and I’m beginning to think I’m what they need a holiday from 🤔

Anyway, I’d say day 1 was, all in all, a success.

Beth 1 – Adulthood 0

Still though, adulthood has been taking me for a ride since I turned 18.


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