Home Alone Day 2 & 3

Well what a weekend I’ve had!

Saturday morning started with a phone call to mum at 7:30 asking how the chuffing hell do I open the washing machine door. I know what you’re thinking, ‘what sort of 20 year old doesn’t know how to work the washing machine?!’ But it’s not that I don’t know how to work it, the bloody door just wouldn’t open! And no I don’t do my own washing at home, mostly because mums has like a military system for washing and drying so I just don’t get involved.

Anyway, I was still super ill so ended up taking the day off work after being there for 30 minutes.

I tried and failed at napping, so decided to finish building my drawers for my new book case that I went to Ikea and bought earlier in the week. surprisingly finished that without stressing, result!

After that, I needed to get ready for the Curry Night fundraiser, and I was supposed to bake which I didn’t so off I took my backside to Asda to buy 3 trays of donuts for a bargain price of £7.50!

Asda is an absolute minefield on a Saturday. Cars everywhere, not a clue what they want to do or where they want to go. One guy tried turning right, then going left into the space nearest to the ‘road’ and just couldn’t do it. At all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the best at parking at all, but I can manage that. He reversed three times to try and get into the space without mounting his BMW on the curb and just couldn’t do it. I drove off shaking my head. it was hilarious.

5:30pm came around far too soon and It was time to set up the venue for the curry night, and to be honest I was no use nor ornament. I was just tired and just felt like Sugar Honey Ice Tea. (S,H,I,T) After drugging myself up with paracetamol though, I was ready to go, People started arriving and paying and it was bedlam, £20 notes flying everywhere, queues of people, some had paid, some hadn’t. Katie helped me deal with everyone who arrived nice and quickly and the rest of the night was a great success!

The curry was really nice and we made a really good profit for everyone towards their Jamboree funds!

My Friend (TS) stayed over at my house and we just had a chill night watching Atypical on Netflix before going to bed around midnight.

Sunday was really chilled out and consisted of bacon sandwiches, showering at Katie’s cause my boiler (Still) does not work and counting cash from the curry night. Felt like such a baller!


LOL I wish..

I also need to go Adult shopping and buy things like raw chicken that’ll need to be cooked and things for my lunches next week. So i’m gonna go and do that now!

Stay tuned!

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