Home Alone Day 4,5&6

It’s been a fairly busy week so far.

Since my last blog post so many people have been asking how it’s going being home alone and my cousin and his girlfriend even came up for a coffee to see how I’m coping! I’m feeling the love so thank you guys! ☺️

Monday morning started with an argument with the washing machine door again, it’s definitely the washing machine and not me! So everything is getting washed on a mixed and then a rapid wash which is just oh so fun.

I went to CrossFit at 5:45 and got a PB on the deadlift with a tempo and managed 11 reps in the AMRAP! It felt good!

What didn’t feel good though, was the realisation that you’re on the toilet having done your morning poo, with no toilet roll. And no one to get you some toilet roll. Living alone sucks!

Work was alright, I mostly stayed in the boot room and organised all the footwear ’cause it was an absolute mess! Boot room means not on shop floor and not on shop floor means I can have headphones in. So I was just singing along to paramore whilst I worked and had a great time 😂

Monday night was pretty chilled out, I just watched movies. I started watching ‘Sierra Burgess Is A Loser’ on Saturday night but couldn’t get into it, but it’s actually quite a good film! I ended up going to bed super late but it was fine, Tuesday is my day off during the week AND I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to go to CrossFit.

I woke up on Tuesday thinking I was in the middle of being robbed but it was just the postman delivering letters through the door.

I had the nicest BLT sandwich (I’m healthy I bought lettuce!) with out burning the house down, Result!! I did actually set the kitchen on fire once when I was about 15/16 so cooking without doing that is a big win! You probably think I’m exaggerating when I say kitchen but I kid you not, and set the kitchen worktop on fire as well as a tea towel. It was not pretty..

anyhow,swiftly moving on; After I’d Fannied about doing bits and bats of things to do, I built my Ikea desk and then sorted out all the buckets for the bagpack. We managed to get a decent amount at the bagpack and we had a right good old natter with the people on the tills so it was quite nice.

Here is a picture of my lovely book case and desk #WelcomeToMyOffice #SuchAnAdult

Wednesday meant CrossFit again this morning! Smashed my workout in 7 minutes 15 seconds, higher weighted kettlebell for me next time I think!

I drove to work on today and managed to park for the whole day for a mere £2!! Chuffing brilliant! The reason I had driven to work this morning was because I had another bagpack after work but I had to pick someone up too so getting the bus home then setting off would’ve made me late. Not that it mattered, I was 45 minutes late because ended up having to go back to work and pick up my managers house keys that she left after leaving work early following a menopausal breakdown. She cried and everything..

And you want some brutal honesty? No, I didn’t console her. (Boo, hiss, what a meanie) I’m not the consoling type unless I either really, really like you, or love you and she knows that I won’t pity her when she cries. It’s just the way I am.

Anyways! It’s been such a busy week so far and it’s only going to get busier!

Scouts, scouts, scouts AGM, Annnnnddd more scouts! Not that I mind at all!

CrossFit and scouts are what get me through this life.

Stay tuned to see how it get on! After all in only 5 days in to a 14 day home alone stint

As usual, like and share if you read my blog! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me blog about!

Sincerely yours, Beth the Busy BagPacker


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