(Not So) Home Alone day 7, 8 and 9

Friday was such a busy day!

On Thursday I went to the county Annual General Meeting, and to be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it. AGM’s are typically boring meetings, where people drone on and take too long with the boring business that needs doing. But West Yorkshire County AGM was honestly a celebration of all the amazing things our young people and adults have been doing throughout the last year. It featured a moving performance by the Gang Show cast, showcasing a ballet piece based around bullying and how the scouting movement helps reduce bullying and improves friendships and mental health of young people. The piece was intended to support the charity Mind who help young people and adults with mental wellbeing. There was also a speech by two explorer scouts who are attending the Jamboree next year as well as several amazing awards, one of which in particular I thought was thoroughly, thoroughly deserved.

(Also shout out to Jayne W who got an award and loves reading my blog, thanks Jayne, I appreciate it!)

The night was a great success and I appear to have signed my life away by becoming a Trustee of West Yorkshire Scouts. Go Me!

On Friday morning, it was beyond hard to get up for CrossFit because i’d only had about 5 hours sleep and i usually need about 8! The sessions was ace though, as per usual!

I did a short day at work and finished at 1:30pm so that I has time to go home and pack everything for camp and tidy up because my kind neighbour is feeding the cats while i’m gone!

I drove me and my friend to Leeds, and too soon, the kids started arriving. I am by no means home alone this weekend as I’m spending it with 36 young people and 4 adults, who will be competing in the Fellandale challenge.

Friday night on camp is always hectic but this bunch of kids always make it fun. We’ve had Dancing Queen shenanigans, A Photo reveal of the patrols for the Jamboree and lots of laughs! It all brings back the memories of my Jamboree training camps and I really really miss my unit, and how things used to be.

Saturday was supposed to be a nice peaceful day, visiting the checkpoints, seeing the kids through the race but apparently that was never going to happen. Checkpoints 1 to 3 were a dream, I even whipped out my camping chair at checkpoint three and got chatting to one of the kids’ parents who was really lovely.

Then I was drafted in to help one of the adult teams. I managed to blag parking my car outside the house of the grandparents of one of the kids and then I headed off cycling.


It wasn’t all that bad to be honest. Lots of checking everyone was doing okay, lot’s of chit chat and quite a few laughs. After 4 miles on the bike I went in the Kayak.

I absolutely hate water, and anything to do with it. It just utterly terrifies me, but I had to give it a go because it wasn’t fair having the other two in the team do all the hard work, and it’s important to set a good example to the other younger teams.

I managed a mere 1.5 miles which (I think) was rubbish and I went really slow but it hurt so bad.  I was swapped out and put back on a bike where I stayed until I was half a mile away from the finish. Checkpoints 4, 7 and 10 were by far the best because they had chocolate! Not even cheap chocolate, they had Cadbury’s, Mars bars, boosts and loads more good ones!

As time went on my arse got more and more numb and my wrists were hurting from being in a braced position for so long and my feet were hurting because I was stood on the pedals rather than actually pedalling (You had to go at the same speed as the Kayak/Canoe in your team)

Around half a mile from the end, I was subbed out and ran the rest of the way.

After than I managed to find someone to drive me back to my car, and on the way back to the finish site I called act McDonalds for a well deserved cheese burger and chips! Food money spent wisely in my opinion.

After all the hectic mess that was packing up, we headed back to the campsite. we had pasta and bolognese for tea which I passed on, obviously. A couple of others joined us for the night which was great, and before going to bed we had a campfire. We didn’t sing songs we just chilled out and chatted and had a laugh which was great. Somehow I didn’t go to bed until after midnight, which is terrible because I was beyond tired.

I slept like a baby though.

Sunday, was a good day. Normally unit 37 go for run on a Sunday,  but since they all did the Fellandale challenge we went for a more relaxed approach.


Who knew that Yoga was so bloody stressful! The meditation bit was super nice though.

Afte yoga we had my favourite thing ever which is bacon butties Wooooo!

We did a couple of sessions about personal development, what experiences they want and past jamboree experiences. It was really cool and super chilled out which is what we all needed really.

After a crazy weekend i’m absolutely whacked! It’s just gone 9pm and I am so ready for bed. Please enjoy these hilarious photo’s of One of our visitors; The County Commissioner.







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