Home Alone The Final Days

Wow, What a chuffing week!

So since I last wrote I’ve really been back to the grind, lots of meetings to go to and things to do! And of course, I’ve been to CrossFit three time this week!

Monday nights meeting was so full of positive vibes, I came away feeling really excited about the prospects of what we’d been discussing. I’m really looking forward to the future with what’s to come regarding That meeting! Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday was graft day at home, I spent most of Monday slouched in front of the T.V watching ‘Unforgotten’ (which is amazing by the way! And on Netflix) instead of being productive so I decided Tuesday was the day I’d move all my bedroom furniture around! I’m super pleased with the end result and I was really surprised that it didn’t take me that long at all to do!

Super happy!

Wednesday was a tough day because it was the first day back at work. And I know that seems really pathetic but I’d had such a great time away from work and work isn’t the best place at the minute and I really don’t enjoy being there, so going back after such a great time was a challenge.

After work my friend asked if I wanted to go to Asda and YES, OF COURSE I DO!

So £30 and three laps round the car park later here we are!

It was SO worth it.

Thursday was just an altogether -and I’m sorry to swear, but I have no other words to describe it – ShitShow.

The rota had been done wrong at work so I was there alone for over half an hour, which I shouldn’t be. Then there was the ‘attack’ on the piazza which cause such a ruckus that the police cordoned off the who piazza site and sent us home early. You can check out the story here:


*Fun Fact* I’m the anonymous witness 😂There was such a heavy police presence!

On Thursday night I went to a scout meeting and honestly it fits right in to the days trend of everything being a ShitShow.

Those of you who know me, know that scouting makes up probably like 60-70% of what I spend my time doing. This meeting honestly made me question why I spend my free time volunteering to sit through things like that meeting.

It was heated, emotions ran night and quite frankly, some of it was childish. There was a massive lack of respect and I find it disgraceful that someone could behave in such a way that it makes me question why I’m there.

I absolutely love the scouting movement and I wouldn’t be half the person I am today or have achieved half the things I have without The Scouts, and for someone to behave in a manner that overshadows all those positive aspects of scouting is just ludicrous.

I often come away from scout meetings whining about people but no meeting has ever made me as livid as this.

And we wonder why young people don’t want to continue as adult leaders?

Anyway, moving on before I break the keyboard!

Today is one of my good friends birthdays! So Happy birthday KT! Have a great weekend.

We went to CrossFit and Katie did her Birthday Burpees and we both smashed our workouts!

I’ve kind of been at war with myself today. I haven’t been happy at all but I can’t quite place my finger on what it is that’s making me feel so down. I’m absolutely fine, but I’ve just not been happy. In all honestly it’s probably because I’m tired!

After running some errands and helping a buddy out at CrossFit I finally got to come home to find my parents had just got back!

Safe to say I’ve faced a firing line of questions about EVERYTHING and why I’ve haven’t done ANYTHING around the house. Oh the joys!

I’ve been brought back such amazing thoughtful gifts that I’m so grateful for my favourite 2 things are a jumper that says “It’s a Beth thing, you won’t understand!” In the from and the some Guatemalan worry people, who I’m supposed to tell my worries to before I go to sleep for them to be taken away through the night! I just think it’s pretty cool, and they come in a little awesome bag. 🤙🏼

Anyhow, it’s been hectic with plenty up and downs but I survived my parents abandoning ship for two weeks.

I’m definitely not moving out anyone soon though! Ha!

We had a little reunion selfie, specifically for my blog 🤗

As you can see I LOVE the hoody they got me! #ItsABethThing

That’s all for the home Alone series! Hope you’ve enjoyed it and if you have give me a like and a share!

Remember to stay happy with yourself guys and checkup on your friends! #ItsOkayNotToBeOkay

If there’s a topic you’d like me to write about let me know!


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