Transformation Tuesday!

Okay, So back in June I posted a blog all about my Alopecia Areata, and over 200 people have read it! Not only am I stoked that you guys have been reading my blog (even if it’s just because you just wanted to know why I was bald, lol) but I’m also super happy because it means 200+ more people know what Alopecia is now!

Before I had it, ‘Alopecia’ was a term I was vaguely familiar with but the word had zero meaning to me. I actually asked my mum if you could die from it before I’d been to the doctors and everything, “I don’t think so” wasn’t the most reassuring answer, so thanks for that mum! (You can’t by the way)

Anyway! When I went to see the specialist I had, the week before, just shaved my head and so you could see the sheer amount of hair that wasn’t growing, and the small demoralising amount that was. Once we’d chatted a little about what had happened and so on, he said to me

“Well, there’s not a very good chance of it growing back. You’re so young, and the vast amount that you’ve lost combined with the fact you have eczema leads me to believe it won’t grow back. That doesn’t mean we’re going to stop trying though.”

That. Was. Heartbreaking.

To hold out so much hope before I went in to that room and to be told no, I don’t think it will grow back, was just such a, please do excuse the phrase, but to be frank, it was a kick in the balls.

If some lad down the pub had said ‘nah Beth I don’t think it’ll grow back tbh’, I’d have just ignored it, but coming from a specialist, well it must be true right?

It was awful thinking that I might stay bald forever. I hated my appearance, i hated going out and i always wanted my head to be covered up. Typical that we have the warmest summer for donkeys years, right when I want to be covered up all the time.

On the ‘Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining’ Theme though, getting up and not doing anything to my hair was, and still is, fantastic, as is getting out of the shower and not waiting four year for it to dry/ drying it with a hair dryer.

The specialist was wrong when he said it probably wouldn’t grow back though.

WRONG. Yep, You guessed it, That means i have hair!!

While I have such admiration for the specialist and the NHS service for the way I was treated and their determination to make me better in some way, the specialist I saw that day was wrong.

My hair did grow back, granted some of it is grey, but it’s grown nevertheless. And its continuing to grow still.

Below is my hair transformation, from mid March when I shaved my head, through may where I had my biopsy, up until just last week.

I think you can see how unhappy I was through the first few compared to the last. The first one is from March the 30th, right after I shaved my head and the last one is today (2nd October 2018) as I right this blog. (Be sure to scroll across to see both pictures if you’re reading on a phone!)

Midway through my hair growing back it started growing in a heart shape which was pretty cool.

Photo on 08-06-2018 at 21.19 #2
8th June 2018

One of the places I felt most conscious about was the back of my head. I can’t see the back of my head (Obviously) with out looking in a mirror or taking a picture and I honestly hated it and what it maybe looked like and I was always thinking people were staring at me. Also, It looked like a Butt for a long ass time (Pun Very Intended) make sure you scroll again!

It hasn’t been an easy ride, and i’ve had a lot of people tell me “I don’t know how you’ve done it” and “I could never shave my head, you’re so brave” and honestly I have no idea how i’ve managed to get through it either but I’m here, on the other side, and it feels GREAT!

Remember, The bad times in life make the good times even more enjoyable and If It’s hard, keep going, you’ll be so much stronger when it’s over. Never give up on something no matter how difficult it might be, you never know what path it might lead you down!

And Please Please Please never put someone down because ‘What they’re going through isn’t as bad as what you’re going through’ Everyone has their own battles and we all react differently. Some people need more support than others and some people take to their situation like a duck to water.

We’re Only Human.

Be Kind, Always!


22 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday!

  1. I had no idea this is why you had shaved your head! Honestly I just thought it was because it suited you hahaha because it does! But this was so good to know and I love how much happier you look in that second picture with your hair. You’re the cutest!!

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  2. Beth! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Btw I love the heart shape!! You are really quite inspiring and I love that we get to go on this ride with you. You are hella strong and I admire that so much!!💗

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey!
    You most certainly won’t remember me, but we went to the same primary school, you were in my sisters year.
    Just wanted to let you know that you’ve been doing a great job with this blog, and it is beyond inspiring and I wish you all the best for the future!

    Keep kicking ass!

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