The Autumn Tag!

I haven’t done a tag before so here’s to new things! Thanks to Lorna Cole for tagging me in your Autumn Tag, you can check out Lorna’s awesome blog Here She’s got some good reads! So this post is all about, well, Autumn. I do love autumn and the word ‘Autumnal’ is just brilliant so with out further ado lets get on with this very autumnal post!
What signifies the start of Autumn for you?
When all the leaves start to fall from the trees and have beautiful AUTUMNAL colours! Also, being a Yorkshire lass, when the heating/Log Fire gets put on at home, you just know it’s Autumn and nearly winter!
What is your favourite Autumn scent?
Pumpkins, they have such a strong smell and it always reminds me of Autumn.
What is your favourite Autumn colour?
Well, red is my favourite colour generally and i’ve just got a new t-shirt in a colour called Antique cherry Red and it is beautiful! so yeah that’s my favourite Autumn colour!
Are you a fan of a Pumpkin Spice Latte?
Much like Lorna, I have never tried a pumpkin spice latte, however it it’s firmly on my list on things to try this October!
What is your favourite Autumn drink?
Hmm, i’m a sucker for a Hot chocolate, the more chocolate the better! And marsh-mellows and cream of course!
What is your favourite coffee shop and drink of choice?
I’m very much a Costa Girl, because thats all we have in the town centre but they’re recently opened a Starbucks just out of the centre, and my friend works there so I’ve a feeling i’ll be visiting there quite frequently, I also choose Starbucks over Costa if I have the choice at a service station!
Apple pie or Pumpkin Pie?
Love a bit of Apple Pie!
What TV show, new or old are you looking forward to in the next few months?
‘Riverdale’!!! I absolutely love the show! Also, The continuation of ‘For The People’, it’s a great series and has some really great characters and actors in it!
What is your favourite Autumn fashion trend?
I’m so rubbish when it comes to fashion! But I Love Love Love down jackets and they’re quite trendy these days, i’m wearing my red Arete hooded down jacket at the moment, and my thicker Lightline will come in to play as soon as the temperature drops! Here is my Fave outfit for this time of year! I do hope you enjoy my pose on the right hand Photo, I never pose for photo’s and i’m putting myself out of my photographic comfort zone so I hope you appreciate it!
What is your favourite comfort food to enjoy in the colder months?
Chocolate apple’s were a treat my grandma used to give me and my brother when we were younger so I love them around this time of year!
What is your favourite Autumn activity? 
Walking! I love the landscapes in autumn, all the leaves look so pretty and I get to wear a decent coat and feel cosy and warm! I do also love carving pumpkins, obviously!
Are you a fan of horror movies?
I’m such a jumpy person, it’s terrible, but I do like some horror films, I have to watch them with someone though, I’d never watch one alone!
Do you ever do anything fun for Halloween?
Not so much, I sometime sit on the bonnet of the car in a costume and scare the kids that come trick or treating, all the kids in the area know me and where I live so they usually expect it! and we usually do a halloween party for the kids at Cubs which is always good fun.
What was your favourite part about Halloween as a child?
I had this one neighbour who when you said ‘Trick or Treat’ would alway reply ‘Trick’ so each year i’d perform a trick for them! And of course, getting loads of sweets and chocolate!
Are you a bigger fan of Bonfire Night or Halloween?
Bonfire night! Every year I go to my scout groups bonfire and help run it! It’s so great to see the kids playing with sparklers and in awe of the fireworks, and it’s always fun lighting them!
Where is your dream destination to visit in the Autumn?
I think New York City in the Fall in the place to be!
Do you always forget about the clocks going back?
Yep! until the night it happens when my mum and dad tell me about it! I don’t know what i’d do without my parents!
When do you usually start preparing for Christmas?
If I see something for someone then i’ll buy it if i’ve got the money, but typically i do my Christmas shopping the last weekend before Christmas day. I always say each year i’m going to be more organised but it just doesn’t happen!
Hope you like my First Tag!
I tag
Sam from TheSword Blog
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13 thoughts on “The Autumn Tag!

  1. Hey! Great post! I love autumn although i don’t really like the cold.. Halloween is for sure my favorite holiday and I’m also super excited for the upcoming episode of Riverdale!! Love that show!!

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