Question Time: The Jack and Katy Edition

I’ve decided to start a new blog series called Question time, Inspired by a game My friends and I played in Japan, though my blogs aren’t going to dig as deep in to people’s lives as we did back in Japan, for very obvious reasons! (I now know far too much about some of my friends and vice versa!) #IfYouKnowYouKnow

So the focus of this post is on two people named Jack and Katy.You might have noticed me mention two people named Jack and Katy in my Recent blog posts and I suppose, if you’ve read the blog posts that you know they’re my CrossFit coaches, and that they do a top notch job of training me and everyone else at the box, but who are they? Well, today you’re going to find out who they really are. (So am I)

You guys have asked me to ask and J&K are going to answer them as honestly as possible, so without further ado, here we go!

It’s Question Time With:The Jack and Katy Edition

What is your relationship to each other? (I’ve been asked this quite a lot when talking to people about the box etc!)

K: Just friends really 😉 

J: Yeah, just friends! haha, no We’ve been married since 2016? Yeah 2016, but we met back when we were in dance school, Katy was first year and I was in third year, after that year I moved to Paris and Katy finished school.

Where/How did you meet?

K: So we met in Chester, and I like to say I fell in love with him when he was wearing ballet Tights! But we properly met on a night out didn’t we?

J:Yeah, I was living with another lad who knew Katy, and Katy came round to ours before the night out so yeah..

K: He was Checking me out!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

J&K: Australia

K: Yeah i’d live in Sydney!

Where do you see yourselves in 3/5/10 years time?

K: I hope in three we’re still here.

J: As in the same unit (Gym location) or? I mean i’d really like to have a house in three years.

K: yeah i’d like a house.

J: Some money, more members, bigger gym.

K:Yeah like a bigger gym, and yeah in 5 years i’d like a baby!

J: Well it all depends on the gym really.

K: In ten years? Mmm I have no idea, but I genuinely don’t think i’ll live in the UK forever!

J: What?! No way! I’d move away but I don’t think Katy would, (To Katy) you wouldn’t move away from your family!

K: I so would! you’re softer than me.

How long have you been married?

K: since the 3rd of April 2016

J: So, two and a half year!

K: Feels like a lifetime!

Can you show us an old dance routine? 

*Katy’s faceFace drops*

K: You can have our showreels! But we’re not doing one right here right now! (We we’re in a cafe, personally I couldn’t see an issue, there was plenty of floors space, but a showreel is better than a kick in’t teeth!)

So check out Jack’s showreel and Katy’s Showreel and Let me know what you think!

Who would win in a dance off?

K: Jack would win! hands-down, he’s so much better than me.

J:Katy always says that but I don’t think I would..

B: So the best way to settle this is a vote based on Jack and Katy’s showreels! please vote on this post, or any of my social media! Votes close in one week! (I’ll update next week to let you know who the winner is!)

Whats the best thing you’ve ever achieved?

K: Getting Aerial Quad! So basically when you work for celebrity cruises, you are either a dancer, then you move up to specialty dancer and then to the aerial quad, so there’s two girls and two guys that get chosen for it and I think my best achievement is getting to aerial quad because I wanted it so bad. I think Jacks (Achievement) would be the moulin rouge, that would have been a dream for me! but mine was definitely aerial quad.

J: *Is still thinking* I don’t know, that’s a hard one. I haven’t really had a moment where i’ve thought ‘Yeah i’m really proud of myself for thisSo I don’t know to be honest!

What irrational fear do you have?

J: I’m proper scared of needles, and it’s got worse as I’ve got older! 

K: yeah it’s got to be that, like i’d rather hold a spider or something!

What is something you will NEVER do again?

K: I’d never go to the Faroe Islands again, it’s the most depressing place i’ve ever been!

J: Oh i’d never do audition technique again, it was a class on a Wednesday at college to prep you for auditions and they just used to like embarrass you in front of all your mates and it was awful, and none of my actual auditions that I went to were as bad as that, and i’d never sing live ever again!

What is something that your friends would consider “so you”?

K: It’s so me to put my foot in it, like I always say something that i shouldn’t but like in a nice way though not maliciously

J: Just proper quiet and shy, thats what I think people would say.

What’s the most illegal thing you’ve done? (That i can post on my Blog)

J: you’re not telling her the wilko story are you?

K: (To Jack) Well, yeah, I’ve never done anything that naughty! So basically when I went to the pick n mix in wilko with my friends I lifted my sweets up to make them cheaper but I got caught and they made me pay the difference! Jack’s just perfect, he’s never done anything illegal! haha.

What are you most insecure about?

K: I’m not really that insecure I think, not in like an up myself way but I just don’t think there is anything.

J: I’m not insecure about it but I hate talking in big groups, like if I was with a group of Katy’s friends I wouldn’t like talking in front of them.

Why did you open your own CrossFit Box?

K: I knew this one was coming! I think for me, other than the whole CrossFit fitness side, I wanted to help others and build a place where people felt comfortable, yeah I wanted to build a community. You’re surrounded by people in CrossFit who make you feel so good about yourself and I wanted to create a community of people to do that!

J: (To Katy) Good answer. (To me)Yeah, What Katy said.

Who is your favourite Colne Valley CrossFit Member?!?

J: ohhh that’s awful!

K: I don’t think I could comment, There’s a few people but no one in particular! There’s no one that we don’t like, though.

What childish thing do you still enjoy?

K: My teddies, I still sleep with them every night! I’m not even ashamed!

J: We’re a bit childish when we’re at the gym alone, like we dance and stuff but that’s not really childish.

What gets you angry?

J: Oh, i’ve got one for the CVCF members, people dropping Empty barbells. There’ll be a post in the group about that coming soon!

K: Yeah, like when you’ve paid for it, it’s so annoying, we want to get better equipment, but we’ll have to replace old kit.

If you were held at gun point and told that if you didn’t impress them with your dance moves you would be killed, what dance moves would you bust out?

K: I’d drop split

J: That’s my one! I was going to say that! 

If you don’t know what a drop split is, Google it. You’ll be impressed I’m sure, and probably a bit grossed out!

How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?

K: Delicious 100%every time!

J: yeah we like it, We always get Hawaiian Pizza’s.

If you could change one thing about each other what would it be?

K: *Replies Instantly* I would make Jack slightly less stubborn

J: Ooooo!

K: Sometimes it’s your way or no way! So That’s what I’d change! 

J: Well, you’re so dramatic you exaggerate things, I’d make you less dramatic!

What’s the weirdest situation you’ve ever been in? –

*They thought really hard about this one*

K: I think we’re a bit boring, I can’t think of anything

What’s your biggest regret?

K: I don’t think I have any, I don’t think I’d change my life

J: I’d say when we were on the ship, not appreciating the ports and stuff, like i’d go sit in an internet cafe and download the latest series or something, and now we’re back we don’t have the chance to see those things, but other than that nothing.

Have you ever coached someone at CrossFit with a disability or physical ailments? and if not would you?

K: we’ve not had any kind of serious disability.

J: We’d not be against it but as long as they’d been to a doctor about it then yeah I guess

K: I feel like i’d want to be more knowledgable about it but yeah we’d take it step by step I think.

If you could change one thing about your past what would it be?

K: I wouldn’t have run away with the circus like I once did, I didn’t get anything from it.

J: I don’t think I’d change anything, like there was jobs I hated doing but by doing them i got to where i wanted to be so no i wouldn’t change anything I don’t think

Who is your celebrity crush?

K: Ah David Beckham, everyday!

J: The girl from game of thrones what’s she called? Emily Clarke, she’s so funny!

Who is your same gender celebrity crush?

K: I love loads of women! Candice swanepoel, she’s a Victoria secret angel and she’s so stunning! I fancy a lot of women though.

J: I don’t know, I don’t really fancy any men, I like Chris Hemsworth but I don’t have a crush on him, I just want his body. Dan bailey as well, I don’t have a crush on him but he’s such a nice guy and I just want him to be my best friend!

Do you have any questions for me?

Both: If you had to pick a workout, what movements would you put in it?

Beth: Air Squats, Ab- mat sit ups, And I love a good deadlift and GTOH

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions! Hopefully you now know Jack and Katy a bit better! I know I certainly do! I had a really great time doing this Q&A and We got some awesome pictures of us at the box too so check them out!



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If I can go, What’s your excuse?!

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  1. Wow this was so awesome!! I loved the back and forth in the answers. Such a cute series to have! Also, watched the videos and I seriously can’t pick who’s better. They are both so amazing!!

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