Self love post!

We’ve all got to have a little bit of self love, the featured image on this post was taken on my Polaroid camera and is of me in front of tower bridge in London, it was the weekend I went to Windsor castle to parade for my queen scout award and while I really don’t like the way I looked at that point in time because of my hair (or lack of😂) I really love this photo! I feel like I look confident even though I wasn’t feeling it! And that’s why it’s the featured image for my self love post!

so here’s six things I love about myself! (In the least big headed way I can put it!)

Number 1!

Sometimes I make people laugh! – Whenever I write a blog post or find myself in a social situation I love to make people laugh! I think laughter is sometimes the best medicine and whenever someone calls me or my blog funny it makes my day! Sometimes I think I could fill a slot on live at the Apollo, but really, I’m probably not that funny! I love a good dad joke and live for puns! I don’t, however, like being laughed AT when i’m not trying to be funny, I prefer people to be laughing with me rather than at me..

This lovely lady who’s blog you should Check out Tagged me in her Blogtober Blog share initiative in October and She made my week! She called me Funny!!!! AHHH!!

Screenshot 2018-11-01 14.25.31

Number 2!

I still read quite a lot! – In high school I never used to read and I hated it when I did and I think that’s because it was forced! Now, when I read I learn so much and really, it’s my favourite thing to do to get some downtime!

Number 3!

I have a sense of pride for the things i’ve achieved! – I feel like I’ve done so much in my 20 short years, and that’s all down to the people around me who support me to the end of the earth and back! I’ve done some amazingly difficult things and most of the time, managed to come out the other end smiling and filled with pride at what I’ve achieved! I think everyone should be proud of what they’ve achieved whether it be something small like making a phone call when you hate talking on the phone or something a bit bigger like climbing a mountain, and everything in between! Be sure to give yourself a pat on the back!

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-01 at 14.41.21
Don’t mind me just holding my chocolate bar! Top of Scafell Pike in the summer!

Number 4!

My eyes – I don’t have a lot of love for my body for a number of different reasons, but I do love my eyes! They’re a lovely shade of blue and most of the compliments I get are about them!

Number 5!

My determination to do better! – I’m a very driven and competitive person and quite frankly if i’d not have had the drive to complete things that mean something to me, or someone else i’d pretty much quit everything I start! I find that when i’m doing a workout at CrossFit I genuinely believe that I won’t get the best time or be strong enough to lift an extra 5KG, but if I don’t try i’ll never know and by trying I find that once i’ve started I just really don’t want to stop! Obviously there’s times when I can’t do it but that’s fine because i’ve given everything I can and had a go. There’s always next time!


Number 6!

I’m There for people at the drop of a hat! – If there’s something I can do to make you feel better, live a bit happier or take the stress off you for a little while I will, even if it puts me out! I won’t be walked over but If I love/respect you I’ll have time for you! I’ll even let you put your mucky feet on me to get up Jacobs ladder! (I’m the one in red being stood on, and Claire is one of my best friends who is standing on me to getup to the next level!)


What are your favourite things about yourself?

Don’t forget to love yourself!

Beth x


21 thoughts on “Self love post!

  1. I’ve been trying to work on celebrating my wins more. 🙂 So often I focus on what I could have done better or immediately go on to the next thing, but I need to slow down and appreciate the good I’ve done.

    Favorite things about myself? I love that I’m so naturally others-focused. I genuinely love everyone! And I’m really good at seeing the good (and the weak points) in others and sensing their true potential, which helps me to honestly and deeply encourage people.

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  2. You are so awesome. I love how this didn’t sound big headed or cocky, it sounded like you genuinely appreciating these things because we all need these reminders. I’m so happy I read this, so uplifting 💙

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  3. This is a great post. It’s so important to love yourself and look for the good and I hope this help a lot of people look at themselves in a better light.

    One thing I love about myself is the fact that I can eat TONs and not put on weight! I’m sure that will catch up to me though 😂

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