Bohemian Rhapsody at The Rex Cinema Review


Just wow, I, just oh my WOW!

So for those of you who might not know what ‘bohemian rhapsody’ is, it’s a song by the phenomenal and well known band ‘Queen’ fronted by the charismatic Freddie Mercury. And now, it’s a film too, you guessed it all about Queen and Freddie’s life. As you can tell from my opening two lines to this post, it’s an absolutely brilliant film from start to finish and you should absolutely get your self to the cinema to watch it and buy it on DVD when it’s out.

We start off following Freddie mercury, who’s played perfectly by Rami Malek, walking to his set at the LiveAid concert in 1985. It was gripping from the get go. Just as the curtains open, it cuts back to before it all happens where we see Farrokh Bulsara, (Mercury’s real name before it was legally changed) working as a baggage handler who’s easily distracted and faced with everyday casual racism.

Freddie goes out to see a band that he’s been following for a while, and before being cruelly insulted about his teeth, becomes the lead singer of the group. His charisma and creativity drove the group to a whole new level, changing their name and risking everything to be able to pay to record an album.

We see Queen get experimental in the recording studio, and this is where bohemian rhapsody was born. I love the song and it’s always been the ‘family anthem’ if you will. it’s the song that when we go on holiday goes on the radio full blast with all the windows down on the way to the sea side with all of us singing along, so to get a glimpse in to how it was made was just brilliant!

The film then goes on to manifest the journey of the band Queen, and Freddie, and honestly I found it quite surprising, obviously, the times were different back then so i was probably a little more shocked at somethings than my parents but also I really didn’t know much about queen or Freddie Mercury at all, and this film really taught me a lot.

One thing I loved about the film was how prominent Mary was in Freddie’s life, and how despite their relationship initially starting out romantically, (it didn’t stay that way for long as Freddie discovered his true sexuality, and began sleeping around with men, though this is more shied away from in the film as it’s a PG13 film thus a distinct lack of any sexual content) they continued a strong friendship throughout the rest of Freddie’s short years.

As the band come back together and get ready perform at live Aid, their in a band practice one day when Freddie informs his bandmates of the devastating discovery that he has Aids. This scene broke me. True to the song Freddie’s outlook on the situation was very much ‘The show must go on’ and that it did.

We’ve come in full circle just before the end of the film as we see once again Freddie make his way out on to the stage at Live Aid followed by Roger, Brian, and John (Deacon) Their performance is something else and i’ve recently seen a video of the film performance at Live Aid compared to the real thing and my goodness you can barely tell them apart!

I found the film so tragic at times, but tear jerkingly funny and it is not to be missed. What I also love about the film is at the end there are short sentences just closing out the film about Freddie, his friends and family and the band and i think it’s the perfect end to a brilliant film.

Rami Malek and his co-stars portray the characters with such accuracy any that millennials probably won’t be able to tell the difference, and any adults who lived through the Queen era, will be mightily impressed.

Also, I just want to talk briefly about the cinema we went to see it at. We went to a little place called ‘The Rex cinema’ which is in Elland, near Halifax. I’ve never been before but my parents have and always rave about it! So for a start our tickets were only £5.50 each! I mean come on, thats such a good price! AND what I loved was i got the tiniest little old school ticket you know the type that just says ‘Admit one’ on it! Super Cute! The next thing that’s so cool about it is it’s so much like a theatre and and it just looks so beautiful and rustic inside! the screen isn’t massive compared to modern cinema’s but it was a heck of a lot bigger than the TV in my living room at home!


Thirdly, WE HAD AN INTERVAL! Now when they announced this I was kinda bummed out a little, it’s nice to get straight through a film with now distractions, but when it actually came to it, I loved it! It meant I could visit the toilet and ask questions and discuss the film with my parents, not to mention stretch my legs. And that’s not all. They sell ice cream and coffee at the interval but get this, The coffee comes in an actual coffee mug! I know, amazing right?! this is probably one of my parents favourite things about the rex!


‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is a film not to be missed, and i’ll definitely be seeing it again in the not too distant future, and i’ll certainly be visiting the Rex again!!

For those who live near Elland, The Rex have some really amazing Christmas showings of old films. ‘It’s a wonderful Life’ will be shown at 11AM on Christmas eve, as well a host of other great films such as The Polar Express and Elf  in the run up to Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Bohemian Rhapsody at The Rex Cinema Review

  1. WOW! I SERIOUSLY CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS AND YOUR POST MADE ME EVEN MORE EXCITED!! Sorry, that was a lot of caps. I keep seeing this video comparing a part of the movie with real life Freddie and to this day I still don’t know which is which. UGH, need to see this SO SOON!!


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