Just a spot of golf, you know!

About a month ago, I said to one of my friends from CrossFit “Richard, Shall we do a blog post together?” and he said yes! And that was the end of that. A couple of weeks later I said “Richard, are we doing this blog post or what?” and he said ” Well,  what do you want to do? Let me know and we’ll do it”

Richard works at a golf course, as a golf coach, so obviously I wanted to play golf! And who better to play golf with than my CrossFit coach, jack (Since we arranged it whilst at the gym) and the golf coach, Richard! And that’s exactly what we did!

Welcome to ‘CrossFit coach turned pro golfer’

Alright, he’s not a pro golfer yet nor am I, but we both improved so much and Richard is a brilliant coach!

Obviously I was running late.. I’d been to the doctors for a Jab but that was only down the road, so I wasn’t that late, nevertheless, Richard and Jack were making the most of the precious little hour that we had in between Richards’ real customers’ lessons, so had already headed down to the ‘training field’ which you weren’t allowed in without permission #privilegedmuch!

First we practiced chipping the ball on to the green. I’d love to be able to tell you what club/iron we used but I have no idea, maybe a 9 iron? It was really slanted anyways and designed to get some loft on the ball when you hit it! My body position was corrected thoroughly and we were both given super positive comments every time we hit a good shot and point of improvement every time we hit a bad shot!


After about 15/20 shots we were both getting pretty good and consistent (though obvs I was better ;D) Richard said exactly what I was thinking!

“Anyway enough of the boring little shots, lets move on to the driving shots”

YES RICHARD!  Anyone, including me, who thinks ‘Golf’ thinks of whacking the ball as far as you possibly can, showing how unbelievably brilliant you are at golf despite your probable inability to play actual golf on an actual golf course, and so this was the bit I was most looking forward to!

Richard showed us a few shots of what it should look like and Damn, were we impressed! Safe to say the shot was amazing and so smooth and a million times better than all of the shots me and Jack had!

With all of Richards top level coaching we did start to hit some good shots, and again Richard was on it with the feedback, both positive and negative!

“Richard has now been inducted in to the Today’s Golfer magazine top 50 golf coaches in the UK! This is a great achievement and is recognition of his coaching skills. This will see Richard having a large number of coaching articles published in the magazine over the next year. Look out for these, you are sure to pick up something that will help your game.” –  Crosland heath website

Another thing I Noticed about Richard while we were having our lesson is how stylish golfers can be! Richard was wearing all golf attire, even his had was Crosland Heath Golf Club branded! If I played golf regularly The hat he had on would probably be the first thing I’d buy!

“I Really enjoyed it! I’ve never golf before or had a lesson, whenever i’ve been to the driving range I’ve struggled to even hit the ball. Richard was a really good coach, he was super patient and has so much knowledge!” – Jack

After we’d tactfully hit some balls with excellent skill and technique we were officially ready for the Trackman Golf Simulator (Cue dramatic music) The Trackman that Richard has is, so i’m told, the only one in the vicinity for miles and miles, so again #PrivilagedMuch!

“The lesson was really fun and I could see myself getting in to golf in the future! I definitely want to drive one of those buggy things next time though!”

The simulator was like Golf on the Wii but much much better! Richard set up the course and we played for getting as close to the put as possible without actually putting. So you hit your golf ball as we’d just been doing outside but instead of the ball going far, it hits the projector screen and the Trackman registers all the details of your shot. You see your shot on the screen, where the ball lands, how far you’ve hit, how fast you’ve hit and loads more cool information about your shot! My description probably doesn’t do it justice but it really is a great piece of kit. 

Jack absolutely wiped the floor with me, (which i’m not bitter about at all…) Until the last hole, where I was SO unbelievably close to getting a hole-in-one that Richard action replayed the shot about five times! Check me out impressing the golf coach!

The image is poor because it was dark in the room so that we could see the screen but here’s me getting ready to take a shot on the simulator! As you can see it’s just like the Wii but bigger and better 😉


We both had such a great time playing golf and learning all the pro tips from Richard! so thank you to him for that! Richard has a blog of his own dedicated to all things golf, so if thats something you’re interested in don’t hesitated to Check It Out! Richard has also done a write up of our lesson which you can Check out!

If you fancy a lesson with Richard check out the clubs Website  I highly recommend him!

Comment below if you’ve ever played golf! What’s the farthest you’ve ever hit the ball?! I’m Looking FORE-Ward to seeing who’s the best golfer (Pun VERY intended, HA)

Happy golfing,

Beth x


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