Question Time: Cinnamon Buns And Roses Edition

This weeks Q&A is a little different as I’ve never actually met the people who we’re hearing from!

But here’s what they look like, just in case you wondered!

So without further ado, let’s get to the questions!

How old are you?

Anna: I’m 38. (Anna’s lying to you all, it was her birthday and she’s 39 now! HAPPY BIRTHDAY)

Sam: I’m 27.


Do you have any middle names?

Anna: yes, I have 2!

Sam: I technically have two as well, but I only use the first.

Cats or dogs?

Anna: I have a cat but I like dogs too

Sam: I have two Labradors (one chocolate, one black) that live with my parents, and I have a black cat that lives with me and the other half.

If you could have ANY animal as a pet, what would you have?

Anna: That is a difficult question that I can’t answer, too much choice

Sam: I don’t think I would want anything other than a cat or a dog. There are so many beautiful animals in this world, but cats and dogs have been domesticated over thousands of years. Any other animal should be wild; I would hate to coup up an animal for my own selfish reasons.


What would you say is your worst habit?

Anna: Setting goals that are unrealistic and unreachable. 

Sam: Being inexcusably lazy.


Where is your favourite place that you’ve visited?

Anna: New York, U.S.A

Sam: Italy – so far! I have a huge list of places I would love to visit. Singapore, Mexico and Iceland are the top of my bucket list.


Are you a parent?

Anna: No but I have a bonus daughter! I don’t like using the term stepdaughter because she is a bonus to my life. I love this!!

Sam: No, not yet. I would like to see more of the world before I have that responsibility.

What is your favourite number?

Anna: 8 because it can mean so many different things

Sam: I don’t think I have one?!


What is your favourite colour?

Anna: it’s technically not a colour but Black

Sam: This changes from time to time. At the moment it is blue, a light blue rather than dark.


Why do you blog?

Anna: Because I love photography. Writing is fun too so blogging is a great outlet. 

Sam: To have new experiences. It makes me go out and do things with my spare time rather than sit at home like a couch potato!


What hobbies do you have?

Anna: Photography and content creating and blogging of course

Sam: I’ve recently started swimming. I’m really enjoying it so far, but I prefer to go when it’s nice and quite so that other people don’t splash me in the face!


Name something you love about yourself?

Anna: I love my dark hair with my blue eyes

Sam: I love my eyebrows! I’ve always had thick eyebrows. My mum drilled into at a young age to NEVER touch them (well, not to butcher them, obviously I tidy them up every now and again). It pays off now, as I don’t need to draw them on! I’m rubbish with make up so I can only imagine how horrendous that would be!



Name something you’d change about yourself?

Anna: I wish my tan that I get in the summer would stay all year long. I’m very pale without it.

Sam: I wish I was more motivated, had more get up and go in me. I tend to overthink things and decide what’s the point in starting something I may or may not finish.


If you won the lottery, who would be the first person you told?

Anna: it’s a joint first of my mum and my husband 

Sam: Probably the person standing next to me at the time of finding out! With a load of expletives *@:?!£$%!


What is your favourite song and why?

Anna: I don’t have a favourite song because my taste in music is so varied and changes all the time. 

Sam: Again, this changes from time to time. I usually listen to my favourite song on repeat for a couple of weeks and then cannot stand to listen to it anymore! At the moment it’s Rewrite the stars by James Arthur and Anne-Marie (from the Reimagined Greatest Showman album). Two weeks ago it was All for You by Years & Years.


What is something you’ve overcome that you’re super proud of?

Anna: My shyness – speaking to people I don’t know. 

Sam: My fear of spiders! Anna and I went to Stockholm earlier this year, and we visited a place called Skansen where they had a tarantula and snake that you could hold. I have had no problems with snakes before, but I had to hold my breathe to touch the tarantula!


What is one thing you’re going to try and do better in 2019?

Anna: I’m going to try and be healthier and not eat as much junk food.

Sam: I agree with Anna here, I’ve been trying to do a bit more exercise so as to be a bit healthier. If this year has taught me anything, it’s not to take your health for granted.


What advice would you give your younger self?

Anna: to not overpluck my eyebrows and they don’t grow back!

Sam: to choose something more practical for a uni course. I did a film and TV course because I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career, so chose something I enjoyed, not knowing that the industry is notoriously hard to get into. I wish I had done something with English or Business.


What is your advice for other bloggers?

Anna and Sam: To stay true to yourself and to always remember why you started bloggingwhen you hit a rough patch. Write about things you like, not what you think people willlike to read. 


Who is your celebrity crush and why?

Anna: The American actor Timothy Olyphant because there is just something about him. 

Sam: I don’t know anymore! How sad is that?! It used to be Tom Hiddleston, but I’m not a fan of the bearded look he has going at the moment.

I absolutely loved having someone I don’t know do my question time post with me! So thank you guys so so much! I also loved your answers! Don’t hesitate to check their socials out!




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