Just A Girl Buying Shoes…

Alright, those of you know know me personally, will have only clicked on this post because you know I don’t buy shoes! Not the nice kind anyway…or so you think!

We all know I’m a CrossFit W*nker, and I LOVE IT, but i’m not fully there yet. A lot of people who go to CrossFit have everything you can have (or a lot of it anyway) to enhance your time in the box. I Have NOTHING *Cry* It is so expensive! Well, for my bank account it is!

Take these shoes, for example. Flat trainers designed specifically for CrossFit, by Reebok. £99.95 and that’s not nearly the most expensive pair! OBVIOUSLY the bank of everyone said “Absolutely not Beth, your £30 Nikeys will serve you just like they have been for the past three months!” And so low and behold I still have no CrossFit gear! (Cue Audience: AWWWW)

Screenshot 2018-11-17 21.55.42


That was until last week!

As you know, because of the title of this post I bought some shoes anyway because why not?!  Other than a tonne of reasons why not like the price and do I really need them? Erm, YES.

Adult me said Absolutely not, but inner me was ALLL over them. I just couldn’t not with these.. Inner me won the battle and so now I didn’t see any reason not to. In fact, it would have been a crime if I didn’t. I went ahead and bought them.

Fear not though! Being a proud Yorkshire lass I absolutely didn’t pay anywhere near full price! I actually got them on a facebook CrossFit buy swap and sell page, which sometimes when I buy from places like that i’m a bit skeptical about. I honestly couldn’t be more happy with them! £40, including postage, BARGAIN! They’re second hand, but they’re in tip top conditions and they’ve hardly been used!

So here they are..



I know you guys probably think I’m mad for being so happy with these shoes (You CrossFitters will understand) but for the rest of you, I don’t know how to explain happy I am with them! Like a kid in a sweet shop who’s been given discount on their fave choccy bar.. Like a Liverpool fan when youre favourite player scores a last minute winner against Everton..like someone who gets access to your social media accounts after you’ve been hacked so you can rectify all the mayhem they caused!  And Red is my favourite colour so that’s just the icing on the cake!

I’ve used them for about a week now and honestly they’re doing wonders! I’m getting PB’s in everything, so obviously they work..right?! Anyhow this is a short post but one I’ve been excited about since I paypal’d the lady her money for my purchase!

What’ve you guys been buying recently that you’re super excited about?! Let me know in the comments!


(A very happy) Beth





One thought on “Just A Girl Buying Shoes…

  1. Omg this post just made me so happy. I’m so glad you got them!!!! And they DO look nice! I do love me some trainers, but even more so, I love me a second hand bargain. Pretty much all of my clothes are second hand and I knowwww that feeling of getting a good deal!! Well don on finding them!!!


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