Winter Tag!

So, I’ve been tagged by the lovely Clodagh  to do the winter tag. Be sure to check her out!


 Question 1 What is your Favourite Holiday Tradition?

My Favourite thing to do at Christmas is ‘Get Santa out’ So basically we have a little chimney that has 24 countdowns in it that you pull out and the closer it gets to Christmas the more Santa travels down the chimney, until Christmas eve when he drops down in to the fire place. We’ve had him since probably around 2003 when I was five and me and my brother used to always fight over who got to drop santa in to the chimney so on the box inside the lid, my mum has written “Bethanie 2005 evens” and ever since then we do odds one year then evens the other. 

Santa advent countdown!

 Question 2 What is your Favourite Winter Scent?

I Love the smell of real christmas trees!! 

Question  3 What is your Favourite go to Winter Fashion Trend?

I’m so rubbish with fashion! I typically just wear jeans and a jumper with a down jacket and my hat haha! It’s basically the same as What I wear in autumn but with my coat zipped up.

Question 4 What is your All Time Favourite Holiday Movie?

 It’s a toss up between the Grinch and Elf, both are so, so funny and I relate to both main characters in equal measure haha! 

Question 5 What’s your All Time Favourite Holiday Tune?

Cliché but I love Fairytale of New York, it’s always the one my mums demands to be turned up when it comes on. That or lonely this Christmas. I’m not sure why I like that one I just do!

Question 6 Do you Prefer to Travel or Stay at Home During the Holidays?

We’ve always stayed at home really, but I wouldn’t mind taking mum and dad to New York or somewhere like for that the holidays. Not that I’d ever be able to haha, we never have the time…This year i’m working Christmas Eve and boxing day! 

Question 7 What’s your Favourite Winter Activity? 

 watching movies with a blanket and snacks with my family. It’s something we do at Christmas but never really any other time. Mum and dad are going to see ‘It’s a wonderful life’ at the Rex on Christmas eve without me this year though 😦 

Question 8  Do You Love or Hate the Snow?

I don’t mind it, what I don’t like is everyones reactions to it!  it’s like armageddon, and then the complaints about the lack of grit come flooding in, and people use it as an excuse to not go to work or not do this and I just don’t see the big deal. Set off early and wrap up warm, and you’ll be fine! 

Question 9 What is One Item on your Wish List this Year?

Not sure really, probably just things for my trip to America. 

Question 10 What is your favourite holiday treat?

Snowballs, as in the drink! That’s one thing I always look forward to! 

Thank you so much again for nominating me. I nominate:



Happy Christmas guyyyysssss, 

Beth x


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