You Know How Much I Love High School Musical, Right!?!


Those of you who are a bit older than me or a couple years younger probably won’t get my hype but those that are my age will either Roll your eyes until they nearly roll out of your sockets or you’ll be fan- girling with me!

High School Musical premiered (probably at 6pm) on Disney channel, sometime in 2006, I was Ten years old and it was the start of something new.Β See what I did there?? Hah, I thought it was funny..OK never mind!

I fell in love. With Troy Bolton, With the songs, With the dances, with Gabriella and Troy’s story, and most certainly with Zac Efron. Come on though guys who isn’t in love with Zac Efron?! Y’all who started to like him after his glo up can scoot right along cause I was there from the start. I even thought he was cute with his little gapped teeth!

I wanted everything to do with high school musical and anything I could get my hands on, I did. Stickers, magazines, I even had a little cheque book that had little notes in them that I used to give my mum, dad and brother! I had magazine cut outs of the cast, had my mum laminate them and kept them in my folders that were of course High School Musical!! I even took them in to cubs to get my collectors badge! I probably should be embarrassed but I actually don’t care in the slightest!

And life got amazing because they brought out a second AND third movie!!! I Vividly remember going and seeing the third film at my local odeon cinema with my mum and cousin and being super grossed out because troy had hair under his armpits HAHAHA i’m at peace with it now though…

One thing thatgets me every times is when the “High School Musical 4 is coming out” thing goes around. Like you have no idea how complete my life would be if there was a fourth film, all about how Zach and Gabriella turned out, whether Sharpay actually ditched Ryan, or Ryan gave her the middle finger and jazz squared off in to the night with Kelsey and what happened to Chad and Taylor? Are the still together?? Come one Kenny, We NEED Answers! But i refuse to get excited about it until it’s like actully in cinema’s and I Feel like i’ll be waiting a while for that….


My cousin recently tagged me in this on facebook and it just reminded me how much I loved everything to do with HSM, I absolutely lived and breathed it, and while i’m not quite so obsessed with the movies or the cast anymore, I still have all three DVD’s and I still watch them quite a lot. do I even need to tell you I know all the words and songs?! because know full well I do!!

You know how you see these “If you had a gun to your head and you had to sing one song without messing up, or the trigger would be pulled, what song would it be?” questions on facebook.. Well Mine would absolutely be a high school musical song.


And can we just talk about how heartbreaking it was in HSM2 When Gabriella decided she’s Gotta Go Her Own Way, and gives troy his T Necklace back, and much we all loved Ryan for Setting up Everyday for them both at the end?! Like honestly guys i just can’t cope!

Then there’s HSM3 where Troy can’t decide between Basketball, Acting, and his girl.. so he choses all three. I can’t even, I actually just love all the movies, Number three is definitely my favourite one though, hands down.

I feel like it’s worth mentioning if I ever find someone to marry, they should know that ‘Can I have this dance’ is on my list of songs for the first dance, and it’s pretty high up too… don’t even come at me it’s one of my favourite parts of all three of the movies!

can i have this dance

I know, I know, the whole thing, well it’s just unbelievably impossible, like come one what sort of senior has their own little rooftop garden hide out, let alone on the school roof.. obviously one with connections to the gardening club but whatever, a British girl can dream right?


So, what movies are you guys obsessed with?? come on, i’ve shared all this with you, you can’t go all shy now!! comment your favourites and any celebs you fangirl over!

besides, We’re All In This Together!

Beth x


10 thoughts on “You Know How Much I Love High School Musical, Right!?!

  1. Oh my god, Beth, I loved this!! It brought me back to a better time. When Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were dating in real life and although that made us all unbelievably jealous it also made us all unbelievably happy!! I think this weekend I am going to rewatch all of these. Thank you for letting me walk down memory lane today!!πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’—

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  2. What a fricking blast from the PAST! I was always secretely obsessed with HSM when it came out, I was always too “cool” for it… My love for it became even stronger when EVERYONE would tell me that I looked like Gabriella Montez lmaoooo clealry people had never seen a latino before! I used to have the CDs and DVDs and I would alwaaaaays watch it on my portable DVD player when i was flying or travelling hahah. omg AMAZING idea, when you come over, WE CAN WATCH THEM AND SING ALONG TOGETHER!!!!!!!! I AM TOO EXCITED

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