What Are You Saying About Me?

Ever wondered how people describe you to someone who hasn’t met you? or how hey describe you to someone they think you know? ME TOO!

This kind of happened the other week, My friend Katy has just got a job in the local area rather than town centre and got chatting to someone I know from school, it took some figuring out who though because Katy could only just remember her first name and that she said she knew me from school. They got talking and the other girl said she vaguely remembered my blog post with Jack and Katy and that i’d mentioned Katy in my CrossFit posts (Thanks for reading it Girl!!)  thus how they figured out they both knew me. (I know, it’s confusing) So with this in mind, i’m really intrigued to find out how people describe me to other people when i’m not around!

So, I sent out a text to a 15 different people; Men, women, older, younger, relatives, close friends, distant friends, Friends i’ve met online but not in person.. I wanted a good varied group of people to see how things would differ. I definitely got some HILARIOUS replies!

This is what I sent: Either ‘If you were to describe me to someone who’s no idea who I am, what would you say?’ or ‘How would you describe to someone who’s never met me?’

Response number 1, was From Freya, who I used to work with!

Err, wow, got a date?!- Bookworm – Sartcastic – stubborn (In a good way) – Scouty ? They’re all meant in a good way even if they sound passive aggressive.

and heres the rest of the conversation… just because it made me laugh haha


Classic freya!

Response 2 is from one of my absolute besties, Claire

“Ermmmm, funny, kind, positive, caring, loyal.”

Damn straight i’m loyal, i’ll always be a Claireist!!

Response number 3 is from G who I met through the youth team

“You’re a kind person up for a laugh, never shy, always up for getting to know new people and once you get to know someone you say mean things😂😂, why who you chatting up??😂”

Mean things?! G, I’m only mean to you because I like you so much!😉😘

Response number 3 is from Lav who I met on twitter!

“Warm, Chatty, I think attentive? kind, welcoming!!”

AYYY thanks Lav! (#LavsLoves)

Response number 4 is from Simon, who is one of my old managers!

“Beth. She’s a no nonsense girl who just puts her head down and gets on with life. Quick to help others with problems but more often than not suffers in silence when it comes to her own problems. Never one to shy away from hard work, and utterly pleasant to anyone she meets.

That a good enough eulogy for you?😂😂😂”

Feel like this is the nicest thing Simon has ever said to me haha! I’ll be sure to have someone read this at my funeral Si!

Response 5 is from Katy, one of my CrossFit coaches

“I would say you are very kind&caring. Goes out of her way to help others! Also that you have fantastic CrossFit gains!! Very happy to call you my friend!!”

Aw Katy you melt my heart!! Thank you!! So, glad you’re my friend too as you can tell, bc I talk about you in my blogs all the time!!❤️

Response number 6 is from Fiona, a scout friend who is also in the youth team!

“Hmmmm, bubbly, in control, bright, fun”

Aw, this is nice, I’m glad someone thinks i’m in control!😂

Response number 7 is from Andy, who is my footy mad cousin!

Andy needed a bit more prompting haha! but he did say something nice!


“Beth is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet! She’s a kind and caring person that will go out of her way to help anyone! Very easy to get along with and a great laugh!”

I’m deeply upset that you wouldn’t tell them how amazing i am at football andrew… but thanks for saying such nice things!

Response number 8 is from Alex who I know from twitter!

“What I can say for sure is that you’re always down for a laugh and joking around. All around joyful personality from what I experienced.”

Not going to lie, I was 100% waiting for a sarcastic reply but this is super nice! so thankyou!!

Response number 9 is from Cheryl who is my cousin!

“I would say you are confident, outdoorsy, brave, you have a big heart, family and friends come first and you have a drive to go far in life, bit of a traveller too. I would say thats you in a quick summery haha xxx”

Thanks chez! xx

Response number 10 is from Abby, twitter guru of the ALJ blog, MyLifelines!

“I would say you are literally the MOST SUPPORTIVE PERSON I HAVE NEVER MET!! You are literally always there for all of us virtual peeps even though you have no idea who we really are. You are loyal and trusting and supportive and so so sweet!!❤️

Aw this is actually so sweet and you make me laugh so much! Can’t wait for next year!❤️

Response number 11 is from Ethan who is also from twitter!

“Strong, kind, compassionate, funny, easy to talk to, friendly, and hard working!”

Thank Ethan!

Response number 12 is from my mum!

“Emotional, Beautiful, kind, caring, she’s my favourite daughter! hard working at work but lazy at home and no good at washing up”

Ace thanks mum, glad i’m your favourite daughter, especially since I’m you’re only daughter!😂❤️

Response number 13 is from my dad!

“Emotional, stubborn, lazy, *He’s laughing as he says these* got a different time clock to me because you never do what I ask when I ask but whenever you ask for something you want it instantly! hard working and does loads for charity”

Aw thanks dad, love you too..

Response 14 is from another of my best friends who I went to Japan with, Ellie!

“I’d say you’re dedicated, funny, a great friend but you can’t hack jäger for shit”

Ellie hun, you can’t hack it either so lets not talk about that night! 😂😂 & Thanks for saying i’m funny as well! I thought more people would say that but obviously I think i’m way funnier than I actually am..🙄

and number 15 is from the absolute angel that is Taylor

“So how would I describe Beth Halligian to someone who doesn’t know her? Well you are without a shadow of a doubt one of the greatest people I know! I know I can always count on you for a fun lighthearted day, or a deep chat, or just a quick moan. You work way too hard for your own good. You’re adventurous and brave, and patient, and a wonderful person I have no clue what I would do without ❤️”

Taylor you absolute gem, I actually love you so much and I don’t even need to tell you I’m always here for you ❤️

Here’s a bonus one because why not! Katie, who resembles my second mum said:

Scouty, always willing to do things for others, grumpy if you don’t get enough sleep

She’s so right, I’m the grumpiest person on earth without enough sleep and Katie knows all about it!! 


11 thoughts on “What Are You Saying About Me?

  1. This is honestly one of the best blog posts I have read! Please could I use this idea on my blog? I would 100% credit you and link to this post, but i fully understand if you don’t want me to- I just love it so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beth, I love the idea behind this post!! And you are obviously LOVED. OR you paid these people to say these things. I’m still waiting for my check… LOL! Love this! And you’re friends are pretty funny!! I think it’s GREAT how many asked if it was a date or said they’d read this at your funeral. Hahah! Wonderful post, love. Can’t wait for next year!!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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