Where Was I This Time Last Year..

This time last year, things looked a lot different to how they are now. I was a lot less happy and a lot more reserved. The Starbucks I spend almost all of my free time in now wasn’t built, I didn’t really engage with anyone or go to my meetings etc. My hair was in a dire state and I wouldn’t be caught dead without my trusty hat, which is thankfully, still serving me today!

Other than those little things, there have been several MASSIVE changes in my life this year, most of which i’m beyond thankful for!


I look a lot different. Which doesn’t seem like such a big thing really but, i’ve changed in so many way throughout the year I couldn’t not mention it. My weight has been one of the main factors I think. Dad and I went and weighed ourselves in January and vowed to spend the year working on losing weight and getting healthier. I bought a bike and rode to work for a couple of months which didn’t last, every spout of eating healthy was undone by pigging out because i’d had a bad day and by August I’d managed to pile on a stone! *Cry Cry* Katie came to the rescue though, on August 24th when she dragged me out of bed at 6am that Friday morning to take me to CrossFit! Which I’ll obviously talk about more later in the post. I’ve started losing weight and people have started noticing which is great! I’ve become more body confident, though i’m still a long long way off where I want to be, but thats fine. Here is a picture of me holding a plate which is the same weight as what i’ve lost! (5KG)


The second thing about my appearance is my hair, obviously! In feb/March I think it was, I shaved my head completely. And to be quite honest, I’ve never disliked myself as much as I did when I had no hair. And whilst I completely embraced it on the outside, I was crying on the inside. I still think I look disgusting when I look back at photo’s and I know it’s what’s inside that counts, but when you feel like you look disgusting it’s hard to change your mind set. Nevertheless, I persevered, and my hair is looking better now! Here’s a before and after to prove it!


I think one of the most Bittersweet things that I did this year was parade at Windsor castle  for my Queen Scout award. Amazing because, I paraded in Windsor castle, met some amazing scouts, spoke to Bear Grylls and spent the weekend in London with my parents but really quite daunting because It was the first time I did anything in public without a hat on, bared my baldness for everyone to see, and that was scary. It was the first time a picture of me had been posted on social media too, so that was interesting! Overall though,  I’d describe that day as one of my proudest.

Life change

I got a new job! i’d been faced with a whole lotta ugly from my previous job and was absolutely stuck in a rut. I wanted to leave, but that meant looking for a new job, going to interviews, getting rejected, and learning a new role from scratch. Whilst I was unhappy I was complacent. My job was easy, besides arsey customers and getting wound up by my manager sometimes, I didn’t mind it. But there was no way I was doing it forever. In October I took the plunge, applied for a few jobs, got rejected a few times, and eventually got a job offer. Much more money, a longer commute and a lot harder work, but it’s worth it, and I Enjoy going to work now!

Social changes

When I say social changes, it covers a few things really. In scouts, I’ve had quite a year. In April I got accepted to go to America for the World Scout Jamboree in 2019 which is going to be amazing! I’ve somehow become a Member of the West Yorkshire Scouts County Executive And a Trustee too and i’ve also become apart of the amazing West Yorkshire Scouts Global team which is going to be so much fun and I can’t wait for the adventure that’s to come with these amazing Ladies! (And Rachael, who never seems to make it to be in the photos!)


And, that brings us back to CrossFit. While CrossFit is about fitness and getting healthy, its also a massive community, and having spoken to a few people in the pub last week, one of their main reasons for joining CVCF was because they didn’t know anyone in the area. whilst primary I joined because I needed to get fit for America next year, I love the social side of CrossFit and it absolutely wouldn’t be the same without it.

“One if the reasons we joined Crossfit was because we’d just moved to Slaithwaite, and we didn’t know anyone, so it’s been really great for meeting people” David Ross CVCF Member

Like Katy said in my Question Time: The Jack and Katy Edition post, one of the reasons they started a Crossfit Box was because it’s such a fantastic, supportive community to be a part of and couldn’t agree more! I Absolutely have all the love in the word for Colne Valley Crossfit members and coaches and discovering that place is one of the best things 2018 has done for me!


So, technically my blog is a social thing but it 100% deserves a header of it’s own! haha! I started in June and wrote a crappy post about one of the things i’m most passionate about, Jamboree! Since then i’ve written about all sorts of thing with lots of different people and i’ve had much fun doing it! It really makes me smile when some one says “Oh yeah, I read your blog and…” Honestly it makes my day!! So thank you to those who takes the time to read my writing and find out what i’ve been up to, and thank you to those who comment, like and share my posts, it means the world to me!

Through blogging i’ve grown my twitter platform and it’s now filled with hundreds of supportive and lovely people who also blog! it’s so nice to engage with people who share a common interest and can offer a massive range of advice and support no matter what you’re going through. Super huge Thank you to LEthan, Lav,  Laura  (NINE NINE BABY WOO) and Abby from My Lifelines. You guys are just simply amazing. I could google every positive Descriptive word in the world and they’d all be represented by you guys. You never fail to make me laugh and your support is unreal! So, even though I haven’t met you guys (Yet) (OMG MICHAEL BUBLÉ MOMENT) You’re all 100% my friends!

Next year…

You can’t predict the future, but you can have hopes for it.

I hope that 2019 brings me great people, great adventures, and positive experiences. I want to be happy and healthy and I want to grow as a person. Oh, and Obviously I want to win a CrossFit competition, Right BANDZ????!! (For those who don’t get this reference Myself, David, Zoe, Neil and Andy entered a as a team along with two other teams for CVCF in to a CrossFit Comp called CrossFest and our team name is BANDZ)

So, that’s what i’m hoping for 2019 what do you want out of next year?

let me know in the comments,

Beth x


12 thoughts on “Where Was I This Time Last Year..

  1. Great to know how a lot changes and happen in just a year! And the best of it is you experiences many positive things and enjoyed it yourself! Hopefully 2019 will bring more joy and great adventures in your life!💫

    Ps. I automatically sang that Michael Bublé song 😂

    Tyas || wepsgallery.wordpress.com

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  2. I’m so so happy that you had such a fun year!! I’m glad you’re starting to love yourself a little more and taking care of your body, I know it can be hard. I know how much you love crossfit and I can’t believe you’ve only started it this year!! It seems like so much fun and honestly i thought you were a pro. I love that our nine nine gang gets a shoutout in there!!! You guys have been a great part of my year too and I am so excited to meet you in Jan!!!!!!

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    1. Thanks so much Lav! I really do need to do better at looking after myself though! 😩 ahaha I’m so far from pro it’s unreal but I’m glad you think I am haha and me too I can’t wait!!!


  3. You’re such an inspiration Beth..you’re doing absolutely amazing at CrossFit, I can’t believe how heavy you are lifting! You look great and the main thing is, it’s making you happier and healthier and you are so much more confident, and it really shows in your smiley face 😃 x

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    1. Aw thank you so much Jane! I adore CrossFit and all you guys that too! Glad to see that star next to your deadlift PB last night 🙌🏼🏋🏻‍♀️ well done!! Thank you so much for commenting Jane!!xx


  4. I loved reading this post! You are so uplifting in the way you write, I love it! Your trip to America sounds like it will be an awesome experience. I hope you are able to have your happy and healthy 2019. 😁

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  5. BETH!! Your year sounds amazing!! I went through a similar sad to happy phase lol! I’ve grown and learned a lot. I am so glad you are doing so well!! And I am ecstatic that we met!! Can’t wait for your trip to America!! AND good luck with your CrossFit competition! ❤

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