Unpopular Opinion, But…

Right, I’m absolutely bracing myself for all the backlash I’m probably going to face after I disclose my unpopular opinion! Someone on twitter tweeted about not liking tinsel and god things got ugly! So please bear my feelings in mind when you start angrily typing at your utter disgust and disappointment at my opinion!

Right, Christmas. Obviously it’s about Christmas cause it’s Christmas. Everyone goes around spending all the money they don’t have on people they’d rather not spend it on. But you do it anyway because you can’t not get your great auntie Vera something can you? Imagine the uproar. Anyway that’s not the unpopular opinion I’m just trying to create a mood.

I love Christmas, I do, it’s a mostly happy time for most people, some people get their joy out of giving and some people get their joy from receiving presents. For the record I prefer seeing how happy a gift can make my loved ones!

But what I don’t love about Christmas is Christmas dinner.

I know, I know. It’s an absolute crime against the world that we live in to not love Christmas dinner. It’s not the food I don’t like. I mean come on, it’s food I love food but It’s the amount of effort and stress that goes in to it that I don’t like.

Every year we open our presents around 10ish and then my parents disappear in to the kitchen to make dinner and faff and I end up not seeing them until we eat at like 1/2pm and when I was a kid it meant that I had time to play with my toys and set up the gadgets I’d got and try on my new clothes and so on, but like, now I’m 20 it’s just lonely, my brother moved out and now that he’s got his own family he doesn’t come home for Christmas and I don’t get toys to play with either so I just sit and scroll through social media looking at how spoiled everyone else has been this year until it’s time to eat, and then it’s all over so quick we sit down for five minutes to let dinner settle and then we get ready to go to my uncles.

I just thinks there’s better ways to spend the hours on Christmas Day before we go to my uncles house, which to be honest is my favourite part of Christmas because I get to see the whole family and we have so much fun!

So this year we’re doing it differently!

We’re going to have a big breakfast then pigs in blanket and pork pie for dinner and then light snacks at my uncles and I can’t wait for it! Maybe it’ll be a new tradition, who knows!

So that’s my unpopular opinion…now to see how unpopular it really is!

What do you do for Christmas dinner? Let me know in the comments


8 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinion, But…

  1. This is exactly why we chose to do a slow cooked brisket this year, it’s non traditional but meant we could toss it in the slow cooker and leave it. I always do thanksgiving for loads of my friends even though I’m in the U.K. and it felt way to stressful this year!

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  2. That auntie Vera bit just got to me I can’t stop laughing BECAUSE IT’S TRUE!!! So actually, I don’t have this problem with Christmas dinner at all because we do Christmas a little differently in our culture! But as to the feeling lonely, that’s such an only child problem – I know you’re not an only child, but you’re getting the problems anyway. I’m an only child too and it sucks 😦 But any time you feel lonely this Christmas just drop me a text and I’ll be there being lonely right with you! Because my family actually don’t celebrate the 25th, so it’s just another normal day for me…


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