The Subject Series: Travel BucketList

So, I want to do a new series called the subject series! The basis of it would be that I get given a subject and no matter what it is, I have to write about it! So if you have a subject let me know!

The first subject i’ve been given is a bucket list of destinations I want to visit! Thank you to the Fantabulous Killa Kilv for suggesting this one! Love you longtime girrrrlll! be sure to check out her social media and blog 

I LOVE to travel, and despite only being 20 I’ve travelled to some amazing places, and without my parents too! I’ve got some great trips coming up and even though I’m definitely be going, i’m still going to put them on the list!


I’m heading to the US this summer and I am so, so excited! it’ll be my first time travelling alone, on a flight and in a different country so to prepare, i’m travelling to London next weekend by myself!

Here’s the first time I went to london!


And here is a picture from when I last visited in 2018!



I visited Sweden in 2016 and absolutely loved it, so i’m keen to explore the other Scandinavian countries! Technically I’ve been to Norway before because we flew in to Rygge and drove across the border in to Sweden but I don’t think it really counts! The scenery on the drive was amazing! i’m heading there in 2020 and I cannot wait!

South Africa!

I’m not entirely sure why I want to go to South Africa but it’s very different to any country i’ve visited before and think it’d be a great experience!


I would absolutely love to do a year or two abroad in Australia! I think the whole, working while travelling type of trip would be so amazing but I haven’t quite built up the courage or a healthy enough bank account to do that just yet!


A few people have visited Iceland recently and it just looks incredible! And it’s not so far away so the flight wouldn’t be so bad!

There you have it, 5 places that are on my travel bucket list! If anyone wants to take me that’d be great! Haha! Stay tuned for blog posts when I do visit them!

Where do you want to travel?!

Happy exploring,

Beth x



18 thoughts on “The Subject Series: Travel BucketList

  1. Girlllll you’ve been to so many places. You’re gonna have so much fun in America with Abby! And South Africa is so fab, I went there two summer’s ago but it was winter!!! Definitely best to go in the summer x

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