What I Packed For My London Weekend Trip!

Those who have ever traveled anywhere over night with me know that I struggle to pack light, even if its just one night I always massively over pack! I mean, I only really wear one set of clothes per day at home but in London, who knows what’ll happen?! So I’ll take 3 changes of clothes per day, which is fine, right?…Well usually this is what I do, but not this weekend!

Today, I’m headed to London for the weekend, part excursion, (To see Lav  (WOOOOOO))  part training weekend for the World Scout Jamboree! And since I’ll have to carry all of my things all weekend, I NEED to pack light!

So, i’m hoping that writing a post about what i’m packing will make me pack less!

The Bag I’m Taking.

Despite having many, many bags to choose from, i’m taking my everyday backpack with me, purely for comfort and ease! My bag is this design but a very slightly different style, and I LOVE it! I bought it from TKMax in January 2016 and it’s done me well since then!


The Basics!

As this is a training weekend for the Jamboree, it’s scouting related which means i’m taking a sleeping bag! I don’t need it on Friday night as i’ve booked a bed in a Mixed dorm at a SafeStay hostel but i’ll need one for the Saturday night and Since we’re technically staying indoors, i’ve decided to take my Berghaus Intrepid 700 lightweight bag. I’m hoping i’ll be warm enough! I bagged (Pun Intended, HA!) this buy for just £50 a couple of summers ago, but it’s on Blacks’ website for £75, with a discount code making it £60 at checkout!

Image from Blacks Website

My Trusty Laptop! Second to only warmth, I take my laptop everywhere with me so definitely wouldn’t be going to London without it! I’ve got a four hour journey and I plan to Get some blogging done!!

My Regatta Montegra Waterproof Jacket , which is really great for this weekend because even though it packs down super small, with a hydrostatic head of 10,000 i’ll definitely stay dry if it rains!

My toiletry bag! Not going to lie, i’m not a person who wants a glamorous wash bag with multiple pockets and it’s own hook to hang on the door! I just have a clear plastic zip-lock bag that’s just big enough to fit everything inside (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Facecloth, Moisturiser)

My Instax mini 8 camera and films! I Love this camera with all my heart and always enjoy capturing moments in a photo you can’t delete. It tells a story and gives the image a timeless effect, a lot of my favourite photo’s are taken on this and I can’t wait to get more amazing Instax pictures in London!

screenshot 2019-01-10 15.17.28

A Book! As I mentioned before i’ve got a four hour journey ahead of me, plus any time i travel on the tube while i’m down there. I used to do an awful lot of my reading on the bus to and from work and it’s one of the main things I miss now that I drive to work, so i’m really looking forward to being able to read while i travel. The book i’m taking is P.S I Still Love You by Jenny Han the sequel to To All The Boys I’v Loved Before and so far it’s living up to the standard!


A dry bag for worn clothes! It’s always good to keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones and a dry bag is the perfect item to do this!

Power-pack and charger lead and headphones for my phone! I do not need to explain this one in the slightest. I’m a millennial, you get it…


This is the biggie. This is what I always, always over pack!

So, I’m taking two t-shirts in total, one t-shirt in my bag, and the other i’ll be wearing. Both are Falcon T-Shirts. (Falcons is the name of the Jamboree unit i’m supporting over the weekend!) And they are awesome! I’ll also be wearing a Falcon branded crew neck jumper!


3 pairs of underwear and socks! This is what I planned to take, but i just couldn’t and ended up bring 5 pairs of each! you just never know do you?!

PJ’s i always sleep in shorts and a t shirt when I sleep in a sleeping bag, not sure why! so i’m taking a pair of nike shorts and my teal WYS Global tee, comfy, comfy, comfy!

Spare pair of shoes! i’m going to be on my feet for a long time so taking my shoes off will be a godsend, but since i’m staying in a hostel and another unknown (I know where it is, the kids don’t!) location, having something between my feet and the floor seems quite important, i’m taking my toms AND my nike flip flops because will my feet be cold? i have no idea! so i’m taking both to be sure!

MY falcon Buff/Neck warmer! just incase my neck gets a bit cold!

My good old Buff hat! do you really think i’d go all the way to London in the winter without my tryst Buff Hat? I Think Not!

I’ll be wearing A pair of jeans, my Falcons Tee and jumper, My Mountain Equipment arete Hooded Down Jacket and My new vans! (I’ll also be taking plasters…)

That is everything! (I think!)

Stay tuned for a post all about what I got up to and With who (Surprise, It’ll be with Lav! and i’m super excited!!!!!!)

Happy travelling,

Beth x







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