Subject Series: Top Ten Worst Moments To Laugh Out Loud

Alright I expected nothing less from Alex!! Thanks for coming up with such a funny subject!

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So, these aren’t going to be in an order because I can’t decide that on my own! haha


When you’re being told off!

We’ve all done it! you’re being ripped to shreds by a teacher or your parents for misbehaving, but you just can’t not laugh! Especially, if you can see your best pal taking the piss behind the teachers back… it just gets you in more trouble and infuriates who ever is trying to real talk about how your terrible behaviour is completely unacceptable. HA.

A Funeral

A bit morbid, I know. But if theres one place you probably shouldn’t laugh, it’s a funeral. Thankfully, I didn’t have to experiment with this one. I can just imagine the horror stories! Equally when someone tells you a relative of theirs has died, but they tell you in a weird setting when it’s completely unexpected and all you can do is awkwardly laugh, and then feel really, really bad about it afterwards.

When someone says something offensive to someone you know won’t find it funny..

So like, you’re with your friend and someone else says something that is pretty mean but also unbelievably funny, and you should remain loyal to your friend and not laugh, but you just burst out before you can contain it! Always makes for awkward conversation while you stand in no mans land for a minute or two, wondering if that friendship is destined to fail.

When someone falls over in public

It is 100% not socially acceptable to howl at someone who falls in public, like a little giggle to yourself is fine right, but full on belly laughing, when everyone else rushing to their side with worry to check they’re okay, you’re going to get some disapproving looks! and probably a couple of smirks too!

If you’re watching a show/performance and something goes wrong

Alright i’ve done this one before, tried and tested, very awkward. Whens something goes wrong and they’re up on the stage just frantically trying to figure out how to get back on track and pretend nothing went wrong and you just can’t help it. Damn, it gets awkward quickly.

When you’re watching a show and find the ‘Serious’ moment funny

I can’t for the life in me remember when, I think it was in college but the scene that was being run through was about sexual exploitation, and it was done with only physical theatre and noises rather that words and MY GOD I couldn’t hold it together. It was supposed to be shocking and you know, serious. I don’t take this subject lightly, but The noises and actions that we saw and heard were just hilarious.  That laugh probably bought me a ticket to hell, though I wasn’t the only one laughing..

When someone tells a joke and you’re still laughing long after it stopped being funny

It’s hilarious when this happens, unless you’re doing the laughing. I went to the Adult Pantomime last year and the jokes were VERY Adult indeed, but I went with my parents, so it was awkward to laugh in the first place, never mind find the crude jokes way more funny than everyone else did! haha. I’m 100% going back to see it this year and i’ll 100% find it too funny again!

When you think someone is joking but actually they’re deadly serious.

Girl meets boy, Boy likes girl, Girl doesn’t like boy or get those vibes at all, “So shall we go on a date?” “Hahahahahahahahahahaha!” *Boys face drops*”Oh you were being serious..” AWKWARD!

When someone is describing a person/themselves to a group and you disagree with what they’re saying/now they’re lying because they have to.

This one is always awkward haha! you know, its like circle time at school and you’re teacher is making you say nice things about the person next to you to spread positive vibes and you know full well that Shinaynay can’t stand Shanice so when she describes her as a supportive ray of sunshine who is beautiful in every way you just can’t help yourself. and then everyone wonders what you’re laughing at. Start of world war three if you ask me.

When you’re getting it on with someone

If things are heating up in the bedroom one mega awkward mood kill would be laughing! imagine the big reveal of your new mans ‘package’ and bursting out in laughter, or even just a quick laugh, enough to ruin the whole vibe in my opinion!





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