Subject series: Childhood Memories!

Thank you to Anaïs for suggesting this! I had so much fun writing it and reminiscing!

I think your childhood is a bit of a funny thing really. There’s some things that stand out because they’re amazing and should be remembered but there’s also things that stand out for no reason at all and honestly some of those things are my favourite. And where does your childhood start and end? I pretty much still class myself as a child so I’m still living the dream 😂 All the memories below are from age 3/4 right through to my teenage years and I hope you have as much fun reading about them as I have remembering and writing them!

My mum swearing at a man  for going through a red light when my brother and I were in the car, and instantly apologising then begging us, just mere infants, not to tell our dad that she swore in front of us, will always be a memory I cherish and something I’ll bring up often.

My grandma letting me and my brother stay up past 11pm when we were only probably about 7&9 to watch the Eurovision Song Contest because mum and dad were in Amsterdam. Again, the bargaining chip here being that we kept quiet, and I’m happy to tell you that we did, for years actually. 😂

I remember being in the kitchen at grandma and grandads house and eating tuna out of a bowl so fast because it tasted so nice that I dragged the bowl off the table and it smashed and I cried for the longest time because I’d smashed the bowl.

Despite that I remember being an explicitly happy child who was always smiling, especially in primary school, and it was always something that was commented on when school reports were sent home. I remember going to winmarleigh hall aged 10 and my friend Maxx refusing to pull the chord for the big swing when I didn’t want to do it either! I also remember being strikingly unfashionable as a child and it wasn’t even the 90’s. (Thanks mum…)

I remember always looking forward to the pantomime I went to with my brother, my neighbour, and her grandchildren, and I’m reminded every year by Libby (who is, and this bit is important, younger than me by a year and a bit) that I cried the first time I went and had to go home, but she didn’t! We still go to the panto every year together and this year was no different. It’s a childhood tradition I hope will continue long in to adulthood.

Libby and I with the Ugly Sisters at this years pantomime!

I remember always fighting with my best friend, Claire, over the pillar at our scout hut because what was cooler than being able to lean on the pillar? Nothing, exactly.

I remember having an actual physical fight with her at Scammonden (nothing drastic happened don’t worry) and then her arguing with a leader about wether flapjack was a cake or a tray bake, (it’s definitely a tray bake) and I remember causing a riot when our leaders turned off the electric at Blakedean  scout camp because we wouldn’t turn our bedroom light off. “You can take our electricity but you can not take our torches” being screamed as loud as we dared. How they coped with us I’ll never know 😂

I remember loving everything about scouts, being around the fire, carrying the flag on st George’s day, building the Doowgnol (Points for anyone who can workout why we called it that!) cart for winter camp! Here’s a few pictures I managed to dig out.. i’m about 14/15 in most of these as I cant find any ones of me when I was younger!

I remember my grandad always telling me that not only should you do it properly what ever you have done should be seen to have been done in the right way too, and I remember telling him that saying “god only made women drivers on a Sunday” wasn’t acceptable in today’s society. I remember him tricking me and my brother in to thinking apples had grown on my brothers tree. And I remember him treating my grandma like a queen and doing anything she asked, but also being waited on because he was more hinderance than help in the kitchen. I remember his unconditional love for everyone in the family he was so proud to have brought up. I remember the joy in his face when he beat me at dominoes or cards, and I remember that somehow he was more joyful when I finally beat him. Though not for long!

He loved watching me play football! He even came to butlins with the team!

I remember doing ‘swaps’ with my cousins where a sibling from each family would swap places for the night and we’d have a sleepover almost every weekend, and I remember the good ones where we were all at one house.

I remember my cousin Andrew throwing a slug in my hair and me gipping while my dad tried and failed to wash it out, in the end it was cut along with some of my hair. I also remember going to Spain and Andrew throwing my Winnie the Pooh bear in the cactus and to be honest I’m still not over it. (Andrew isn’t nasty or anything I promise, I just think I was always on the other end of his mischief)

I remember going to my aunties after school and my dad picking me up and riding us home down scar lane, the hill was fun to ride down, but going up the other side isn’t something I seem to remember.

I remember the after school club setting on fire and us having to use a room in the school for months and months on end until finally it reopened and we had our picture in the examiner.

I remember always, always wanting to play football and sometimes being just as good as the boys! I remember playing tennis in the playground at primary school and purposely hitting he ball too hard so it’d go over the fence and we could leave to school gates to get it.. I didn’t choose the thug life..

Team cuddle after I scored in my granddads memorial game ❤️

I remember in early years when my friends wouldn’t go play until I could go and play after TJ had pushed me out of the toy car and bust my nose and lip and afterwards, how much I used to like mr. Mitchell (who did the first aid), so much so, that I named a teddy after him.

I remember how excited I was to go to Liverpool and visit my grandmas family along with all the stadiums in Liverpool. And even though my grandma slammed the car door on my thumb twice, it was still the best day ever.

I remember family time meant going down to my dads unit, helping build the rabbit hutches and runs and carrying them across to the crane, but never being interested enough to help out properly. I used to make things with the scrap pieces of wood and one time my dad let me use his sharpest saw. He said to me “don’t cut yourself because we haven’t got time to go to the hospital” so when I did cut myself (By accident), I never told him even though it was the most pain I’d ever felt.

I remember getting a bike for Christmas and spending the rest of the holidays riding it outside the unit and I remember when my grandma asked us to get rid of the extra carpet fittings for her, so we burned it with dad, but the bag exploded and a can of sealer hit me In the face while the bottom of said can hit my brother and sent him flying all the way down to the edge of the river.

I remember playing out up the road with my two best friends. Going on their trampoline to learn summersaults and play-fight, I remember never having stuff quite as cool as theirs but always being allowed to share whatever they had.

There’s a trampoline under me somewhere!
I was about 12 or 13 here!

I remember having an amazing childhood that wasn’t filled with the latest gadgets and the coolest holidays, but was filled with love and kindness and life lessons, and most importantly, time spent with the people who loved and cared for me the most and I don’t know about you, but I’d call my childhood a very, very rich one.

Tell me about your favourite childhood memory in the comments!!

Here’s to what made us who we are today,

Beth x


7 thoughts on “Subject series: Childhood Memories!

  1. OMG, not the tuna bowl! Hilarious! And I am living for you telling your grandad that that wasn’t appropriate to say today. Your childhood sounded fun and memorable. I miss those trampoline days! We had a trampoline, too, and my sisters and I would go jump for hours!! As always, I love your posts!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly, I used to tell him nearly every car journey home!!! Wouldn’t change him for the world though! I was fetched up well 😋 that’s for being so freaking nice AS ALWAYS!! ❤️


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